Sunday, May 12, 2013

WTF? Playlists for 2013 and my Rough Gods photo shoot!

WOW. I am a bad bad, Pup! I haven't posted playlists in awhile (it's annoying to screenshot this stuff LOL) but I sat my arse down and finally posting a great big update for Jan - May! As always, thanks to those who are commenting on this page and on my twitter. And MANY thanks to those who show up and hang out with me while I act the dork ;) Hopefully, in some small way, I am entertaining.

And as always a few shared pictures of myself ;) There have been a few interesting things going on. First off, thanks to Michael Alago for including me in a shoot for his Rough Gods. I appreciate the time and the images, you truly are a miracle worker.

A special thanks for those of you who tip on my Cam4 show ;) I really really appreciate it and the $$ goes right back into entertaining you.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's been a long while hasn't it (end of 2012!)?

What's up peeps! It's the MP! I have (finally) the final playlists for 2012 up! Here we go! On the way next post, this first few months of 2013! Gunshow and I were out of the country to Brazil and then to DC to enjoy Obama's Inauguration. After that it was just work work work! Finally some down time today as it rains and the cold outside inspires me to do a show tonight!

WOW! Talk about some great music! And here we go with a few photos of yours truly! Still keeping it real, doing my best to keep it up as the winter fades. I can NOT wait for spring to finally hit full swing!

This one was taken while we were away in A-MAY-ZING San Paulo, Brazil!

And how we enjoyed the beaches of beautiful Florianopolis, Brazil!

Of course we had to go rock climbing and snap a few candid shots!

And this is what I "said" when Gunshow said I had had enough to drink :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Playlists Aug - Nov 2012

Lord I have been on a K-Pop bender lately LOL. Some GREAT beats coming out of Eurasia. Life has been crazy and crazy.

LONG LONG overdue here are my playlists for August thru November, 2012! Enjoy!

Playlist 08/06/2012

Playlist 08/08/2012

Playlist 08/13/2012

 Playlist 08/23/2012

Playlist 09/12/2012

Playlist 09/22/2012

Playlist 10/29/2012

Playlist 11/05/2012

Playlist 11/06/2012

And a few fun pictures from some of my more recent misadventures!

Look at me! My tattoo is really glowing! (Blacklight Party in SF)

The expression I gave Gunshow when he tried to take my last donut.

Me wishing I hadn't have had that last donut...;) (Dore Alley 2012)

I am full of (Atlanta) Pride 2012!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Playlists 06/14/2012 - 07/252012

Another huge batch of updates! Gunshow and I were WAY zooming what with IML 2012, Toronto Pride 2012,  Joining Hearts (WOW...what a party), and then finally Dore Alley in fantastic San Francisco, CA. I'll be posting separate posts with some pics and a few dirty details about each event!

So without further ado, the playlist update!

Playlist 06/14/2012

 Playlist 06/20/2012

Playlist 06/25/2012

Playlist 07/03/2012

Playlist 07/04/2012

Playlist 07/14//2012

Playlist 07/16/2012

Playlist 07/18/2012

Playlist 07/23/2012

Playlist 07/25/2012

Me being silly at the hotel at IML :) SMIRK!